The Town of Seventeen Seventy

Aug 2019, 1770, Qld

20190806-DSC_0371So named, because Cook and his crew set foot here in May 1770.

Clinging to the shores of the tidal Round Hill Creek it is a town without shops but it does have a quaint pub that oozes ambience. There are neat parklands, small beaches and a little marina which is home to a fleet of LARC’s that launch here and take passengers out to Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef. There’s a sports ground, a caravan park and the beachfront camp ground. Grand homes with spreading verandas and tropical shutters rising high through the treetops have views of the ocean and estuary. This is a tropical paradise thick with palms and colourful beach almonds. Bougainvilleas, bright with purple blossoms climb the trees and paperbarks and mangroves complete the scene. Throughout the day we hear the gentle coo cocoa coo coo of tiny Bar Shouldered Doves. At dusk it’s the peep of Oyster Catchers sprinting over the oyster beds while Brush Turkeys scratch about for pickings and roost in the trees and at night of course the Curlews cry. But if it’s shops that you want then drive up the hill to Agnes Waters.

‘Twas here that Cook and the Endeavour crew landed
Yachts moored in the shallows
The 1770 Pub oozes with character
Spacious homes with wide verandahs to catch the views and tropical breezes
Fishing the creek at low tide

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