Beautiful Bellingen

The Bellingen, NSW showgrounds are quite grassy and in need of a good mow when we call in (2013) but there are clean amenities, toilets and showers, power and water. It is a lovely spot and the rainforest is right behind us. The town is only a short walk away across the causeway and there are a couple of other vans around us. The warm afternoon sun is too good to waste so we settle back with a wine and a book. As the evening draws in our neighbour begins to strum his guitar and he is certainly quite proficient, so Brian relegates me to a seat beyond the poultry pavilion to practice my ukulele, but I do have an audience, a little kingfisher sits on the fence, cocks his head and listens.

We settle in for a quiet night of TV and watch My Kitchen Rules. At 9:05 there is a harsh rap on the door and the neighbour tells us to keep the noise down!

I reckon he’s just envious of my ukulele skills.

Sunrise Bellinger River

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