Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

We had just set up in the caravan park at Sawtell on the NSW coast. It was a lovely sunny day, parrots were chattering in the trees and there was the sound of the surf in the distance.

A newish motor home pulled in opposite us and all hell broke loose. Tirades of abuse were hurled at the gentleman driving while wife attempted to guide him into the reasonably sized camp site. Campers peered from windows and from behind annexe screens. No one was game to help and certainly not while language like that was being bandied about and so loudly. It seemingly took forever for them to get the vehicle in place but eventually they did and the somewhat sheepish driver scurried inside in embarrassment. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the show was over and then a laugh…as a sign appeared on the windscreen “For Sale”.

Sawtell, NSW
Sawtell Beach at sunrise

6 thoughts on “Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

  1. Maybe it was the wife being sold. 🙂 We’ve witnessed similar episodes, the worst one for us was when they were right beside us and we could hear the wife belittling her husband constantly.


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