Trip Nerves

I find it hard to describe the feeling of the first day, the setting out on each trip especially the big trips. Nerves, excitement, fear of having forgotten something or leaving the iron on. Then, is the fridge door snibbed? Is the towball locked on? Will we travel safely? But hey, we could be bowled over on the way to our corner shop without having had any adventure.

I keep glancing in the side mirror to check that the van is really there, yep we’re on the road. Then horror upon horror, did we pack Woody’s hearing aids? Quaking at the thought of 20,000kms with the radio turned to its loudest setting, I find them in my handbag.

The van’s there, now where are the hearing aids?

8 thoughts on “Trip Nerves

  1. I know the feeling. Enjoy your adventures! We’re staying home for a while expecting our grad daughter to be born any day now. Happy Easter guys. I’m sure the Easter bunny will find you – where ever you are … 😊


  2. I think the iron on is always my biggest thing. I cant tell you how many times l have rang my hubby or daughter to check for me and its never on:) I know what you mean. Hope that hearing aid turns up for you.
    Happy and Safe travelling:)


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