He didn’t each much

Our club muster dinner was at a busy and bustling hotel in a Victorian Western District town. The meals were delicious and large. We all ate well especially Jack who ordered Pork Belly, the waitress called out “Jack” and served him a Pork Roast. Jack tucked into his dinner with gusto. A few minutes later she returned and called out “Jack, Pork Belly”. We all looked up and Jack realized that he had been eating someone else’s meal. Don then owned up to having ordered the Pork Roast. Brandishing the roast the waitress proudly announced “he only had a couple of bites”. Don accepted the partly eaten meal and quietly finished it off. As we were getting up to leave Don declared that the roast was good but he did happen to find Jack’s false teeth in it!

Wannon Falls, Vic
Wannon Falls, Western District, Vic

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