Awning Cleaner

Awnings get grubby pretty quickly thanks to gum trees and birds that like to leave their calling cards. Not to mention the odd beetle that ends up pressed like a flower when the awning is rolled up. Here’s a recipe from ‘Tuareg’ that works a treat:

Awning Cleaner
Cleaning your awning

1 bucket of water

1 cup bleach

1 Tbs dishwashing liquid

Strip off your shirt and put your back into applying mixture to the awning.*

Roll the awning up, this action puts the mixture on the other side as well.

Have a beer while waiting 20 minutes, then hose off.

*Warning: If you are a female caravanner then stripping off your shirt may cause either excitement or horror in the van park, depending of course on your age.

Footnote: Thanks go to our photographic model who also featured in Nail Care

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