To Great Western, Avoca & Moonambel

Day 7 Sunday 6/2/22, Avoca, glorious 30

We’re saving our grey water and watering the trees around us. We’re both up early to walk around the town in the golden light.

As I sprinkle a little eucalyptus oil in the toilet bowl to keep it fresh, I wonder when I’ll slip up. You see, the bottle of eucalyptus oil lives in the bathroom between two similar bottles of cough mixture. One day they’re going to get mixed up and either I’ll be pouring cough mixture into the toilet or a good slug of eucalyptus down a raw throat. And speaking of household chores, Elle is still out there sweeping up the ants. The poor little buggers are hobbling about all white and covered in flour. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

We drive about 18kms to Moonambel. We’ve been recommended by the butcher to visit Summerfield Winery and we’re not disappointed. For the price of a wood-fired pizza we have a full tasting of all their wines. We have a table inside but by a large open window with a view of the lawns. The wines keep on coming until we tell them “Enough”. The lamb, onion, garlic and goat’s cheese pizza is delicious and they bake their own bread so we stagger out with wine and fresh-baked bread.

Worth noting is that there is a free camp on the edge of town and only a short walk from the winery. It has power and modern bathrooms.

Summerfield Winery, Moonambel

Back in Avoca, we visit the as yet unfinished silo art by Jimmi Buscombe. This one is a barking owl and when finished will glow in the dark. Opposite our camp, an angler fishes the river. While we watch he catches 3 European carp, which must be eaten or destroyed. Most people take the second option.

Barking Owl by Jimmi Buscombe
High Street, Avoca, Vic

Because of our large lunch, we decide on an alfresco grazing plate dinner. As we nibble cheese, Woody jumps in the car and races over to the milk bar to pick up some homemade samosas. El Prado cooks kranskies on the Weber and we eat them on toasted baguettes with mustard. So much for the light dinner! And as we munch a small wallaby hops past. Pretty good spot this one.

Accom: $0

Pretty good spot, Avoca Riverside Camp

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