To Great Western, a rough diamond

Day 9 Tuesday 8/2/22 Great Western to Beaufort, sunny 30

Oh, what a beautiful night. We had every window and hatch open to catch the cool sweet breeze that carried the smells of the bush.

Thankfully, for Elle and I, we have a lazy start as Seppelts don’t open until 10:00am and we want to take advantage of some bin end specials they have at the cellar door. But as usual, El Prado is busting to get away and while we chat with Elle, he drives off to the water tap without her. It’s only 9:20 and I’m still eating toast!

At this point we decide to curtail our adventures as the weather is forecasted to be warming to very hot weather. Thus, with a few boxes of wine on board, we head back along the Western Highway to Beaufort Lake Caravan Park with power and amenities so that The Prado’s can clean the van before stowing it.

This park could be a beauty, but it’s run down. About a kilometre or so from town, it is on a lakeshore with delightful views and an abundance of birds. We wonder why more attention hasn’t been given to keeping the grass and gardens in better shape. It’s a bit of a rough diamond and it’ll do for tonight.

The lakeshore path is a total delight and quite busy with walkers and riders. Bushland meets wetland with waterlilies and bullrushes. Coots and cormorants plod and perch. It is indeed a place of natural wonder.

Beaufort Reservoir
Bush meets wetland
A plodding purple swamphen
Amongst the bullrushes
Is this my best angle?

Accom: $30.00

Towing Kms: 60kms

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