To Great Western and back to the big smoke

Day 10 Wednesday 9/2/22 Beaufort to Home, cloudy some rain 25

It’s an overcast morning. We’re up early and say our goodbyes as The Prado’s head home via the backroads and Geelong. We’ll catch up again in a few days. Oh bloody hell, now I’ve left the kitchen window open this time!

It’s the Western Highway for us, back into the city via the Westgate Bridge. The traffic is chaotic, and we wonder when they started giving out driver’s licenses in corn flakes packets. There are stretches of roadworks dotted everywhere, the new tunnel that’s going under the city, the extra lane that is somehow being squeezed into the Monash Freeway. One can only hope that they do that better than the new lane on the Westgate Bridge that provokes anxiety attacks in so many. Sandwiched between B Double trucks and suspended nearly 200 feet (58 metres) in the air is no one’s idea of a pleasant drive. It’s a relief to peel off onto Eastlink where there is much less traffic and no roadworks.

Towing Kms: 211kms


Accom: $255.00

Fuel: $181.11

Total Kms: 741kms

Source: WikiCamps
Time to go now

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