No lunch today

Day 6, Tuesday April 23rd 2013 Apollo Bay It rained heavily overnight and we were up several times checking on the awning, it’s time we got some awning de flappers and by the amount of mud that we’re tracking into the van, a sheet of proper outside matting wouldn’t go astray. The last of the club leave for Johanna Beach and home. It’s been great fun and we’re already looking forward to the next muster with them. We drive to Wye River and intend to have lunch at the ‘Store’ which is now run by a top chef but they … Continue reading No lunch today

Whether the weather – Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay, Vic I’m often aware of how different a place can be on each visit. Sometimes a town may have grown, or fallen on hard times orravaged by bushfires. Maybe it has been ‘discovered’ by tourists and become a ‘must visit’ place. There will often be a difference, this time it was the weather in control. I tried to recreate a shot that I took a few years back. Continue reading Whether the weather – Apollo Bay