Clipped by Klop

Day 4, Sunday April 21st  2013 Apollo Bay

We wake to a bright warm morning, there is a produce market happening in Apollo Bay with lots of home-grown goodies.

Marengo Beach, Vic

The weather is turning cool as we meet for a game of KLOP, a game in which one throws a small log of wood at a bunch of numbered wooden skittles. This is a difficult game as the log seems to either bounce end over end entirely missing the skittles or it goes into a roll and weaves its way through them without knocking any over at all. L however, seems to have some affinity with the log of wood and even announces which skittle she intends to hit. Of course, she wins the game and leaves the rest of us bewildered and in need of a fireside refreshment. Eventually, rain forces us indoors for the night.

The slips at Apollo Bay boat harbour

2022 Note: Klop or Finska is an addictive game for all ages from 5 to 85 and guaranteed to promote laughter and thwart the competitive souls among us.


6 thoughts on “Clipped by Klop

      1. A regular activity at Gemtree caravan park, north of Alice Springs, was a form of lawn bowls played with paddy melons. Played at night, of course, after happy hour had “loosened” up the participants. Good for a giggle.


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