No lunch today

Day 6, Tuesday April 23rd 2013 Apollo Bay

It rained heavily overnight and we were up several times checking on the awning, it’s time we got some awning de flappers and by the amount of mud that we’re tracking into the van, a sheet of proper outside matting wouldn’t go astray.

The last of the club leave for Johanna Beach and home. It’s been great fun and we’re already looking forward to the next muster with them.

We drive to Wye River and intend to have lunch at the ‘Store’ which is now run by a top chef but they don’t ‘do lunch’ on Tuesdays. We have a beer at the pub and return to Apollo Bay and explore the harbour.

2022 Notes: We’ll soon learn that when it comes to meals, Mondays are no no’s and often Tuesdays too. We bought the de flappers and with the next van bought an annexe which we never use except for the de flapper system, which I might add, was worth the price of the annexe!

I probably should add an explanation for International readers. In Australia, an awning is an essential part of the caravan and certainly not optional. With a sun that beats down with some ferocity, it’s only on overnight stays that we don’t pull the awning out. And of course, when the awning is out it becomes second nature to be aware of the amount of breeze that the awning can tolerate without causing damage to itself. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Apollo Bay Harbour

8 thoughts on “No lunch today

    1. I think it’s the learning that makes it so interesting. Checking into a 5 star hotel doesn’t require meteorological skills, nor an innate sense of navigation (the cabbie knows where the hotel is) and they tend not to keep deadly animals near the pool.😉

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