Muster’s End

Day 7, Wednesday April 24th 2013, Apollo Bay to Home

Finally, the rain stops, and everything looks washed clean. As we leave the town is coming to life for the music festival and 3 huge tents are now dominating the foreshore. The surf is curling into shore with the wind whipping the tops of the breaks.

We pull into Birregurra for a coffee and to admire this pretty little town. There are big wide streets, timber cottages with leafy gardens and the old shops have wide verandas. Thankfully the old railway station, which is still in use, has been restored to its former glory. The pub is under restoration, perhaps we better come this way again sometime.

We lunch at the old Barwon Hotel at Winchelsea and the homemade rissoles are quite something. As we leave the rain starts again. It’s only a few kilometres before the freeway starts and we’re home before we know it.

Apollo Bay Harbour


7 days, 6 nights

Total Kms 980

Accommodation: $150.00

Fuel: $142.92

Apollo Bay Fish Co-op

2022 Note: Tiny Birregurra is having quite a rebirth and looks better each time we pass through. We’ve also returned to the Barwon Hotel at Winchelsea and camped in their backyard. Of course, we’re still members of our caravan club and only miss a muster if we’re interstate or the car has broken down!

Apollo Bay Harbour


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