Rock hopping

Day 3, Saturday April 20th   2013, Apollo Bay

Up early for another sunrise, the photography is fun, so too are the rock hopping and the bird watching. And there are seals out there.

Capturing those flat rocks
Bass Strait sunrise from Marengo Beach

It is a beautiful sunny day, we visit the tiny craft market on the town green then return for a lazy lunch and a good read in the warmth of the sun. A sign on the main street says: “It’s not a hangover, it’s wine flu”. Gosh, we must have the flu.

Barham River mouth with Marengo in the distance

I can wait no longer, so I unfold the bike and take to the Great Ocean Trail that winds its way along the coast and right through our camp.

I return from my short ride to find that a game of croquet is underway, and we soon learn how to whack the ball around the lawn with a mallet, but not very well, it’s so much harder than it looks. Note to self: Must work on mallet accuracy.

The night is cold and windy so we drive down to the Fishermen’s Co-op for more fresh-caught fish and chips and we eat them in the car overlooking the harbour. We then join the crew for a spirited fireside drink.

2022 Note: Apollo Bay is blessed in its location in a way that I cannot best describe. Behind the town, there are sheltering rolling green hills that tumble down to the town. The main street shops and cafes overlook a long green stretch of parkland which is home to weekend markets. Beyond that and unseen behind a tiny dune is a perfect crescent of beach. I’ll never tire of visiting this beautiful town.

Rock lobster pots, Apollo Bay on the shore

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