Just backpacking

Blog chatting the other morning to Derrick over at Derrickjknight.com he commented on our travelling lifestyle. My reply of it being like ‘Backpacking for old farts’ sent my mind reeling. Our diesel heater had decided to stop working after belching out pungent fumes. It was about 6 degrees outside and although we had the electric heater on I was shivering, we were in a town that few have heard of and we only roughly knew where we were headed for the day. My reeling mind spun back to a much younger self humping a heavy canvas backpack down a deserted … Continue reading Just backpacking

Euroa da boat

Day 8, Tuesday April 1st 2014 Euroa – Melbourne We had a warm night and it was the first time this trip that we were able to leave the windows open. After a lazy breakfast outside in the sun, we bid our farewells and head for home. Summary 1080kms, 8 days 7 nights, Fuel $148.24, Accom $115.00 ($16.43 per night) But why were the toilet signs in Bosnian? 2022 Note: In less politically correct times many towns had nicknames (to our family anyway). Those along the Hume Highway, See more at Seymour, Euroa da boat and I’ll catcha da fish, … Continue reading Euroa da boat

Chestnuts roasting…

Day 5, Saturday March 29th 2014 Nug Nug, Vic It is a warm misty morning and there are shafts of sunlight glinting through the trees. The weather forecast is for the high 20’s and no rain. The sun warms us and folks drift fireside for a yarn. A few folks wander off to town to see the local market, others to check their phones. A couple of the blokes return with a boot load of chestnuts and spend the afternoon shelling them. The ladies get to talking about knitting and a crochet and knitting group swings into action with needles … Continue reading Chestnuts roasting…

Camp chair experts

Day 2, Wednesday March 26th 2014 Nug Nug Last night we fell asleep to the sound of the river gurgling beside us. Today we celebrate two birthdays with cake and coffee beside the river. Some of us are My Kitchen Rules fans and have missed out on last night’s cook-off. G re-runs last night’s show on the outside TV on his new van. It is spitting with rain so there we are, a bunch of seniors, in the bush, sitting under a dripping tree staring at the TV muttering “you didn’t crumb it properly”. And I always thought that outside … Continue reading Camp chair experts

Nug Nug

Day 1, Tuesday March 25th 2014 Melbourne – Nug Nug, Vic It’s a cool autumn morning and we leave home at 9:50. We take Eastlink, Monash Freeway, Tullamarine Freeway, Ring Road, Hume Highway. We’re heading to a caravan club muster in an offshoot of the Ovens Valley. By the time we have crossed the Great Dividing Range the weather has become warm and dry. We disregard the GPS and turn right at the Snow Road because we love the beauty of the Snow Road. We arrive at Myrtleford around 3:30pm and pick up a BBQ chook at the local supermarket … Continue reading Nug Nug