And so, to Anglesea

Sunday 16th Feb 2014 to Wed 19th Feb 2014, Anglesea, Vic

Airconditioning at home all sorted and it’s a quick 2 hour trip to Anglesea on Victoria’s West Coast via Eastlink, Monash Freeway, over the Westgate Bridge, Princes Highway and a fast bypass of Geelong.

We get a perfect spot at the Anglesea Beachfront Caravan Park, overlooking the river and only a short walk to the surf beach.

The weather stays in the 20’s and makes for the best, most perfect beach holiday. We body surf and walk around the river. The river is easy to cross where it spills onto the beach. There is great coffee to be had at the General Store which is just across the river from our camp. The town is a short walk away along the riverbank and the shops are good.

Our tub of lettuces, a gift from our sister-in-law, succumbs to the ravenous rabbits but will recover, in time.

A haven for rabbits and ducks

The park is one of the best we’ve stayed in and all the facilities are top-notch. The tent area under the ti trees almost makes one want to buy a tent.

Anglesea, Vic
Weather threatening

We stay until foul weather threatens and return home around the Bellarine coast visiting Indented Head and having a pie at the Portarlington bakery.


350 kms, 4 days, Fuel $124.79, Accom $113.40


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