A fish shop by any name

Day 4, Friday March 28th 2014 Nug Nug, Vic

We were convinced that the night would be dry but were woken by heavy rain in the wee hours and scramble to close the hatches. It is refreshing having breakfast outside, the air is so washed clean. Chairs begin to circle around the fire again and soon were all talking about the best places we’ve been. We walk across the river to the second campground. It has no facilities but has a deep swimming hole and a wide pebbly beach. A lovely spot and quite different to here.

The swimming hole at Nug Nug, Vic

VeeWee has heard high praise for the fish & chip shop in Bright so we set off to find ‘Ocean Catch’. It turns out to be Rok Salt, close VeeWee but no cigar. But wow it is good. Blue Grenadier and hand-cut chips, so good, and huge potato cakes. E wants Flake so he buys his around the corner then returns to eat at Rok Salt with us, hmmm. At least the owner was polite and didn’t comment, I’m ready to hide under the table in embarrassment. We leave the crew to wander the shops while we have an artisan coldie in the sunshine at the Bright Brewery which overlooks the Ovens River.

There’s no doubt that it’s autumn in Bright

By the time we return to camp, a few latecomers have arrived and our area of the park is looking full. We have a large happy hour and evening around the fire and things get even happier when someone shares their homemade Limoncello (rocket fuel) and recites poetry.

2022 Note: Ah, caravan talk. Where have you been? Where are you going? There’s always a hidden gem somewhere that someone knows of that must be put on the mental bucket list.

Flake is gummy shark, the usual offering in Victorian fish and chip shops and something we southerners get rather addicted to. Maybe it’s the mercury content that we love.


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