Chestnuts roasting…

Day 5, Saturday March 29th 2014 Nug Nug, Vic

It is a warm misty morning and there are shafts of sunlight glinting through the trees. The weather forecast is for the high 20’s and no rain. The sun warms us and folks drift fireside for a yarn. A few folks wander off to town to see the local market, others to check their phones. A couple of the blokes return with a boot load of chestnuts and spend the afternoon shelling them. The ladies get to talking about knitting and a crochet and knitting group swings into action with needles clicking away. The men less interested in shelling chestnuts and knitting, fill in the lazy afternoon wandering about the camp with a tape measure checking the lengths of their vans, oh, does that include the A bar? A few folks play ladder golf and then happy hour sneaks up again. Under a starry sky, we roast the chestnuts over the fire and despite doubts from M, they really are good.

Nug Nug campground, Vic

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