Doubtful prospects

Day 6, Sunday March 30th 2014 Nug Nug, Vic

Once again we wake to rain! It plops and plops all morning so that everything that had finally dried is now wet again. We wander about chatting under dripping awnings or hibernate with good books. The men go hunting for gas leaks and marvel at G’s new electric dolly wheel. It seems that there’s always something new and exciting that needs to be added to the caravan shopping list.

There are trout in the river and P has a go at gold panning though I doubt that he’ll be too popular with the missus.

By mid-afternoon the sky clears and an overjoyed fire warden coaxes the fire back to life to mark the commencement of happy hour.

It’s easy to spot trout in the river
But gold needs a little more creativity

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