Camp chair experts

Day 2, Wednesday March 26th 2014 Nug Nug

Last night we fell asleep to the sound of the river gurgling beside us. Today we celebrate two birthdays with cake and coffee beside the river. Some of us are My Kitchen Rules fans and have missed out on last night’s cook-off. G re-runs last night’s show on the outside TV on his new van. It is spitting with rain so there we are, a bunch of seniors, in the bush, sitting under a dripping tree staring at the TV muttering “you didn’t crumb it properly”. And I always thought that outside TV’s on caravans and satellite dishes were a bit of a wank. I stand corrected!

We drive about 10kms up the road to Lake Buffalo, it is peaceful and still, with a few pelicans wandering the banks. The spillway is gushing water into ‘our’ river. This valley is home to cattle, vineyards, and a few orchards. A small narrow valley, it is the sort of place where one could find peace.

Buffalo River,Vic

Back at camp, a few laughs with the ukulele becomes happy hour and we cook a heap of dim sims on the BBQ. The rain has become serious, so we retreat to the cover of G & K’s awning and a few ports to contemplate the world and life, as one does.


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