Seven Creeks Hotel

Day 7, Monday March 31st 2014 Nug Nug to Euroa

We wake to a brilliant green park, blue skies and wisps of cloud clinging to the hillsides. There is much activity as vans are packed to go. Some are off to cross Mt Hotham. Others are attending a Timbertop* reunion at Mansfield. We’re heading south to Euroa in Central Victoria.

Nug Nug campground

The Euroa Caravan and Cabin Park straddles the Seven Creeks with expansive lawns and shade trees. We’re parked under a large date palm beside the river where brightly coloured ducks swim up and down in convoy. We walk the short block to the town centre. The houses are old, large and well kept. It is the sort of town that you’d like to live in. The shops have wide cool verandas, and the cafes are busy.

There are three vans in our group and we have a lazy afternoon enjoying the warm dry heat and share a few drinks by the river before walking across the bridge to the Seven Creeks Hotel. The pub is as inviting as ever and we sit outside under the veranda as the setting sun tints the gum trees with a golden glow.

Towing Kms: 140Kms

*Timbertop, Geelong Grammar’s outward-bound annexe in the high country, once host to Prince Charles when he was a lad.

We’re starting to lose count of the visits to Seven Creeks Hotel, but it is a pub that is hard to go past without stopping for a memorable meal.

Seven Creeks Hotel, Euroa, Vic

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