Farewell to a Good Mate

This life of retirement has meant that we have made a lot of new friends in our new found pursuits. The obvious fact is that we won’t be lucky enough to know them for a whole lifetime. Perhaps that is why seniors laugh a lot. They are laughing at the ups, the downs and the inevitabilities.

Today we say farewell to a very dear mate, whom we were lucky to meet when we joined our caravan club. A mate who possessed the quintessential laid-back dry Aussie humour that this culture is known for. A man who deserved a gold medal for his humour, who unwittingly provided me with many stories for this blog. A man who, when everyone else was enjoying a good pub meal, was known to say “I’m only here for the beer!”

Thanks for the memories Trev and may you long be remembered by your friends on the road.

Sunset on the Campaspe River, Vic



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