Mulambin Mumblings – Dave’s Cooking Classes

Aug 2019, Mulambin, Capricorn Coast, Qld

Every night at Mulambin Dave from Gippsland pops into the camp kitchen to cook dinner on the BBQ. Tonight, he tells us he is cooking Bolognaise Sauce…on the barbie. That raises our eyebrows. As we chat Dave is chasing mince steak and onions around the hot plate with a spatula and when it’s cooked he tells us that his wife, whom he refers to as “The Racobite” so we assume that she must be a non-drinker, will add tomato puree to it. You learn something new every day in this caper.

 At happy hour the next night we are entertained by Dave again who this time is cooking chops.

“You’ve got a lot there Dave, how many are you cooking for?”

“Just me an ‘alf of ‘er, she doesn’t eat much these days.”

Yeppoon Beach and the Keppel Islands, Qld

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