Why you should use Camp Kitchens

Travelling is all about meeting people and sometimes other travellers are just as interesting as the locals. While on the Capricorn Coast we were entertained on many nights by Dave the bloke who gave us impromptu cooking classes on the BBQ hotplate. We met a couple of young Irish backpackers and a German anthropologist and her husband. They were driving the east coast before flying up to Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory for a wedding.

Then on a warm and quiet evening…

“’Teacher’ pops up at happy hour in the camp kitchen. This guy is hyperactive and all over the place, eyes darting left and right and talking nineteen to the dozen. We quickly learn that he and his family have a 3month break and are taking the kids north. He disappears for a few minutes. We all breathe a sigh of relief and discuss what drug he’s possibly on. In a flash he’s back with his wife ‘Sarge’, and guess what? She’s a clone of him! Loud and hyperactive. By now we’re wondering what their kids are like.”

Here’s to the Camp Kitchen

4 thoughts on “Why you should use Camp Kitchens

  1. Meeting so many diverse people is really one of the great bonuses of travelling. We meet loads of people through having four dogs!
    I think I’ve calmed down as I head into my frail dotage, but I am concerned that I might once have been the loud and hyperactive one… Thankfully, I don’t have kids…!


    1. Dogs are the best way to meet people. A few years back we stopped for supplies in a town that doesn’t have a good name. I was minding our friends poodle out front the supermarket. I met so many lovely people that morning it was wonderful.

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