Dubbo Zoo on Steroids

After having travelled the Newell highway many times back in the eighties and with never enough time to stop and see the sights, we promise ourselves that we will go to the Dubbo Zoo this time. We arrive at 2:00pm with a scant two hours to see everything before the 4:00pm closing time. As you can drive (but without caravan), cycle, walk or drive one of the zoo’s golf carts, our only option is to hire the golf cart. Brian has left his licence in the car. Much to his disappointment I’m the registered driver. As soon as we’re out of sight we switch drivers and he goes into Fangio mode while I hang on tight (my seatbelt is broken). At the speed that we have to travel to get around the place the colourful map is near useless, as each animal ‘paddock’ is marked with an icon that one must match against a descriptive chart. Ok elephants and giraffes are obvious but we soon start calling them ‘some sort of cow’, ‘some sort of horse’ etc. There are signposts but these are faded and even harder to read. So we rush, run, leap and drive quickly from one enclosure to another trying to spot animals that are usually hiding at the farthest point from the viewing platform. Thank God for the zoom lens. Of all the animals we’ve seen we probably only miss out on seeing the meerkats. The setting and the gardens are well landscaped and even though we lost the useless map we managed to switch drivers again just before the last bend so that I could drive sedately back to the office with two minutes to spare. I wonder if we could have squeezed in those meerkats?

Too slow to get away Dubbo Zoo
Too slow to get away
Dubbo Zoo

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