Big Brook Arboretum, Pemberton

Big Brook Arboretum, Pemberton, WA
Big Brook Arboretum, Pemberton, WA

In Western Australia the National Parks have a system of camp hosts. Camp hosts are volunteers who stay on site for about six weeks at a time. Their task is to manage the camp and the fees and keep the amenities clean. The system works very well and the camp grounds are a credit to the camp hosts.

When we arrive at Big Brook Arboretum it is being hosted by Jim and Flo. “It’s a Conservation Park so dogs are allowed”. Says Jim as he puts his arm around Flo. We sit around the campfire and celebrate Jim and Flo’s last night at this posting. They’re both 80, been married 60 years. They received a card from the Queen and one from “whatsisname, Abbott, yeah Abbott”. They’ll only have a few days at home before the next posting somewhere in the Pilbara. We crawl off to bed at 9:30 and Flo calls out “there go the old folks!”

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