Mental Telepathy

The quarantine officer at the SA border was so helpful. He even gave us a quarantine guide booklet listing the do’s and don’ts for each state. After much discussion and cooking of the vegetables that shouldn’t cross the border, we reach the WA border quarantine point. I think we must have read the booklet in reverse because we had all of our fruit and vegetables confiscated except for one measley carrot (the one that somehow missed last night’s stir fry) and an unopened bag of lettuce leaves. Poor Woody is frantically unlocking hatches and Eskies for inspection while choking on the last banana. I jokingly offer the officer the drugs under the bed (3 months supply of senior’s prescription medicines). “I don’t do drugs” she says sternly. She later returns with said carrot, holds it up and says “you can have this back.” Wow I can read Woody’s mind.

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