Why the Blog?

My husband and I retired from the workforce three years ago and among other things decided to take up caravanning. It has been an amazing experience. From learning all about caravans and towing them to the adventures that we’ve had and the people that we’ve met.

I also joined a writing class at a nearby U3A (University of the Third Age), with the aim of learning how to write the story of my husband’s foster family’s history. Because I felt that their lives warranted something more than a long list of chronological events. Then poetry appeared on the scene. Something that I’d never understood suddenly clarified like a Chinese double boiled soup and demanded to be savoured and enjoyed. And the writing, well it just hasn’t stopped. Snippets are flying in and out of my head like butterflies. Washing dishes, showering, shopping, nothing is immune. Everything in my life has become paragraph and verse. Who for God’s sake would write a poem about the Prime Minister on Christmas morning when more important things should be done. Me! Yes, can you see my hand waving. Now where did I put that poem?

There are scratches on paper scraps, notes in the phone, on the iPad and in the laptop. All of them scrambling to be organised and broadcast. And this from a woman who agonizes over the wording on a birthday card and ends up saying “have a great day.”

Eventually my writing teacher shouted “will you get a damned publisher!” and I realized that it was time to stop hiding behind ‘private’ travel blogs and do something more constructive.

And thus dear readers, if you’d like to know how to prevent sand fly bites or drink a beer whilst wearing a fly net or where the really best campgrounds are. Then my aim is to provide you with not only a suite of stories of life in Australia but a reference site for caravanning as well.


6 thoughts on “Why the Blog?

  1. I love the name of your blog and the tagline you have chosen to go with it. This post gives a pretty good idea about many things 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    I wish you all the best for 101, blogging and life!

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂


  2. On ya! from one Aussie in the Blogging 101 course to another. Actually, I’m originally from New York City, but moved to Perth in 1999 and have lived in Melbourne since 2013. Although we don’t caravan, we do camp and I love our time at campsites getting to know people, and enjoying local pubs. I’ll be watching your blog with interest.


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