Powerful Suggestion

If there is one piece of advice that I wish that someone had given me five years before I retired it would have to be:

Retirement is not about how much wealth you have, but how much time you have before your health fails you.

All the money in the world won’t bring back your health and fitness. I recently read somewhere that we fret about financial planning but don’t give any consideration at all to time planning. I guess we all just hope that we’ll live to the magical one hundred years, probably toothless and sucking on egg sandwiches. When in actual fact the life expectancy here is 82 years. Hence the current situation in Australia, where people are dying with far too much left in the bank for that ‘rainy day’.  Now that’s optimism for you isn’t it? This is the driest continent on earth!

Junee, NSW Railway Station clock

12 thoughts on “Powerful Suggestion

  1. Here in Singapore most people don’t have enough money to get to 82yrs old (not comfortably anyway). I pass a lady every day opposite where I live and she looks about 82 but she is pushing a trolley of squashed up cardboard boxes that is about twice her weight. She is bent double as she pushes her load and is very rarely offered help by passers by. I guess without her load to sell she wouldn’t eat.
    She is notable but not totally unusual, it’s just her late years and small size that makes her stand out so clearly.
    Sorry I suddenly feel depressed after that share. I liked your blog.
    PS. I read today that the assets of the richest 1% of the globe are now greater than the cumulative assets of all the other 99% combined.


  2. Hi Lindsey, thank you for the follow. It’s great to hear about someone else thinking the same as us. The saved up fortune isn’t going to make your golden years great unless you get out there while you’re fit and able to enjoy life. We ‘retired’ about eleven years before our time so we can do just that and haven’t looked back! 🙂 Daly Waters is a must, isn’t it? : )


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