Melville Caves

In the nineteenth century lookouts were popular with bushrangers as a place where they could hide out and watch for approaching danger on the roads below, thus the Melville Caves in Kooyoora State Park near Inglewood in Victoria were named after bushranger Captain Melville. Strictly speaking they aren’t caves but rock shelters and one would imagine that these large granite boulders would have provided good shelter to local Aboriginals prior to the arrival of European settlers.

At the base of the rock formation there is a delightful park for day visitors that is perfect for family picnics with toilets and a wonderful picnic shelter with large stone fireplaces at either end. Bring a barbie, plenty of snags, onions, tomato sauce and white bread then serve the lot with a good lungful of fresh air.

Picnic Ground, Melville Caves

Once you’ve fuelled up on lunch it’s scenery time and from here the road climbs up through a spacious camp ground then on to the upper car park. The walk in to the caves is easy even for those old ducks with dodgy knees. Large granite boulders are strewn about and the grass is dotted with wildflowers and golden spring cape weed. There are beautiful views and a steep path leads back down to the picnic area. Entry to the caves for thin people (who perhaps didn’t pig out on lunch) is through narrow crevices where the rocks meet.

Wildflowers Melville Caves
There are beautiful views from the Melville Caves
and somewhere to sit and take it all in
Getting in can be a problem, Captain Melville must have been lean


stairs inside make things easier

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