Who’s overweight?

Weight is one of the most contentious issues of all. Husbands blame wives for carrying too many clothes and cooking utensils, wives blame husbands for carrying chainsaws, fridges and beer. We know one bloke who lights campfires with a lawn blower. On one trip we carried a seven kilo fold up fireplace half way around Australia and never used it once. The first leg of the trip was during fire ban season which lasts until March 31st in WA. The rest of the trip as we were heading north it was far too hot to even consider a fire. Would we carry the fireplace again? You betcha! And we still do.

The very next trip we used it on two consecutive nights on the banks of the Murray River and the marshmallows have never tasted so good.

We’re not sure if this heavy based Aldi frying pan is a his or a hers but it’s definitely not staying home as it’s perfect on an open fire!

3 thoughts on “Who’s overweight?

  1. Weight is definitely becoming an issue with police pulling vehicles for the purpose of weighing the caravans. With all the big vans now on the road the normal tow vehicles aren’t rated high enough. We’re seeing more and more big American beasts towing vans. It can be a worry – the fines are huge, and the vehicles are put off the road.


    1. Yes so true Chris, we shake our heads at some rigs and wonder how they get away with it. Friends of ours almost bought a beautiful van that was ridiculously heavy and the salesman was doing a serious sell job but it was way too heavy for their vehicle. In fact they would have needed one of those big beasts to tow it legally.

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