Go West, Day 18 – Cape Le Grand

Day 18

Tuesday 24th March 2015

Cape Le Grand

I bounce onto the beach at first light to take a few photos and realise that I am the only person on the beach, I have it all to myself and it is beautiful. As the sun rises it casts a pink hue across the horizon and behind me the granite of Frenchman’s Peak glows pink in the sun.

Sunrise Cape Le Grand, WA

The beach takes on a magical persona as the day goes on. I stand at the lookout high up on the hill with a fellow amateur photographer and we both decide that we’ve been given the perfect landscape but neither of us feels that we can do it justice. Thus, it’s time to just enjoy the most perfect beach view ever. There is pink granite, turquoise water and white sand stretching to the horizon.

Woody and the Ollies go swimming and swear that it is warm but I’m waiting for a heat wave.

Veewee sends a message to say that a cyclist that we’d passed on the Nullarbor has gone missing, they’ve found only his bike.

In camp hosts Mac & Denise’s sparkling camp kitchen we meet a woman from Zurich whose knowledge of WA is astounding. She is already planning her third trip here.

Sunset Cape Le Grand beach

Accom: $13.20

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: For some unknown reason I was compelled to bake bread on this day. Why would anyone want to bake bread at the beach? Don’t ask me.

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