Like a Rollingstone, Day 71 – We’re in for a wait

Day 71 Tuesday, 19/7/2016, Yeppoon, still dry

We’re up at 6:00am to take the car into Rockhampton (50kms). It appears to be a faulty oil pressure switch. The sting is that it will take at least four days to get one sent up from Melbourne as parts are no longer air freighted (huh?). To be on the safe side the car cannot be driven so the mechanic suggests that we use our RACV Total Care insurance. A hire car won’t be available until tomorrow but in the meantime a taxi back to Yeppoon is covered, the car hire as well as our accommodation for a week. If we are not happy with the repairer they will ship our car and van home and fly us as well.

Back at camp I discover the cause of the caravan door problems. The right hand side of the frame has pulled away from the wall of the van. Damn the tools are in the car!

Mulambin Beach the darker shades of sand are Sand Bubbler crab scribbles (not bad for fingernail sized creatures)

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