Welcome to Caravanning 2. Treading Carefully

We discover that the car has a puncture. A bolt has lodged in the tyre. When Woody goes to get the spare wheel, he finds that it is missing, surely not. There must be a hidden compartment somewhere. He rings the RACV and he and the mechanic scratch their heads and crawl all over the car. There is no spare wheel. The dealer has mounted the extra seats but having nowhere to mount the spare wheel, has just left it out. Good one!

The caravan electrics have us totally confused and every piece of helpful advice only complicates matters further. So we call in our electrician Stewie, (yet another caravanner as we soon find out) and he checks it over and sets us up for future free camping. With an additional battery on order we expect to have at least 8 days worth of power before we need to recharge our batteries. I can almost smell the Murray River now.

The caravan tyres aren’t in the best of condition, so we opt for new ones just to be safe. Oh my God, that means hooking the van up and actually driving it to the tyre dealer, then reversing it in his yard before reversing up our driveway again at home. Embarrassingly we forget to attach the dolly wheel (fancy that after all those years towing trailable yachts) and the caravan ungraciously drops on its nose.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Caravanning 2. Treading Carefully

  1. At least it’s a way of life in OZ. We met loads of ‘geriatric gypsies’ in our Maui van. Signs at the campsites: There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet. And everyone so helpful and conscientious – no noise after 10 pm. And if you’re driving after dark and can’t see one of the roadside reflectors, slow down “there’s a big animal in front of it.”
    Happy camping!


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