Welcome to Caravanning: 1. Reversing

It's a tight fit
It’s a tight fit

The first hurdle was getting the caravan up the driveway, the previous owner did a great job and the van fitted the designated spot beautifully. Gobsmacked we wonder if we’ll ever get as good as that at reversing. Now can we get the car past the van and into the garage? Yes, with a little squeeze and a lot of care. It’s time now for a cold beer in celebration while we check out all the cupboards and hatches.

Two days later the new car arrives and we realize that we’ll have to get used to driving a larger car again, although the 6 cylinder engine does have a nice purr. She doesn’t have the goodies that we took for granted on the Subie but she will be the perfect tow vehicle. We quickly fold those additional seats away.

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