Upon Reflection

Not another mirror! North of Perth
Not another mirror!
North of Perth

Our first set of towing mirrors were reasonably priced but almost instantly developed a severe case of St. Vitus Dance. On our first trip up the Hume Highway the driver side mirror shuddered and trembled so much that whenever a large truck passed the wind would force the car mirror inwards and leave the driver feeling somewhat blinded until opening the window and pushing it back into place, at 90kms an hour. We strapped it up heavily with gaffer tape which seemed to reduce the number of times that it happened.

Ideally a set of Clearview mirrors that are permanently affixed to the vehicle would have been the obvious solution but they aren’t available for our model Jeep. Before setting out on longer trips we purchased a set of Milenco mirrors but once more we had trouble and had to tape them up heavily.

On a narrow stretch of road approaching Burra in SA – I jumped into our friend V’s car for the last leg of the day. Just as we were discussing the merits of Milenco mirrors Woody came on the radio and asked us to pick his right hand mirror up, off the road. I guess you could best describe it as fractured. Thankfully our mate D was carrying a spare set on board.

In Perth we bought another set of Milenco’s and the salesman talked us into a pair of clips made especially for attaching the mirrors to Jeeps.

Leaving Perth there was a stretch of narrow road with heavy traffic. Large trucks were whooshing past and before we knew it we’d lost another mirror. So much for the new clips especially made for Jeep mirrors. That $13 insurance policy had just cost us another $149.

Just out of Victoria River, NT on our way to Katherine we were admiring the countryside, coloured grasses (I’ve certainly gained an appreciation for grasses since driving through WA) and perky, “ooh bugger we’ve just hit a galah”, hills.

A little further on we get to chatting about the mirrors that we’ve lost along the way when we notice that the left mirror has gone again. Looks like that galah must have taken it out on it’s way past.

If anyone knows of decent towing mirrors we’d be grateful.

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