Hobbies on the Road

Fighting over the European Carp
Fighting over the European Carp at Lake Boga, Vic

There’s much more to being on the road than just travelling and sightseeing. Of all the hobbies that are available to grey nomads fishing and craft are probably the most popular. But there’s bird watching, shell collecting, kayaking, photography, painting, visiting country markets, even cookery. Yes cookery. As most vans have all of the appliances that one can expect at home so why not? One can produce gourmet meals from the Weber Baby Q. I’ve baked bread whilst camped at the beach and a friend of mine always carries an ice cream maker just in case she finds an abundance of fresh fruit. I hope she carries plenty of band aids as she’s been known to disappear into the bushes in search of blackberries. Genealogy is also popular as being on the road provides a good chance to visit country cemeteries and to chat with local historical societies. So many Australians have ancestors that came out here for the gold mining and it can be quite sobering to be tracing their footsteps and travelling the same roads that they did so many years before. A few years ago I sat in a friend’s back garden in Tarnagulla in Victoria’s goldfields soaking up the tranquility and talking about how my great grandparents would have travelled through the area with all of their belongings on a horse and buggy, when they were on their way south to Melbourne. I later discovered that they actually met in the town of Tarnagulla and married in nearby Dunolly in 1861.

Murrabit, Vic Market
Murrabit Market, Vic

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