In a Bit of Hot water

It is a perfectly warm night in Port Denison, WA. Perfect to have the windows and hatches open and we listen to the crash of the waves against the rock wall as we fall asleep.

I wake at 6:00am to the sound of running water that sounds like someone has taken the bungs out of their boat. But it keeps on gushing and gushing, they would have sunk with that much water. I wake Woody to tell him that it must be raining, hard. We leap out of bed and into water! A hose fitting has sheared off the water heater and water is gushing out, under our bed. Thank you Mary for telling me to always keep a lot of old towels on board. The towels have soaked up quite a bit and help in the cleanup. Woody is outside turning off the water, I’m half dressed and under the bed flinging stuff left and right. It’s wet stuff out the door to hang on the line, dry stuff into the bathroom out of the way. The boys crawl under the bed to determine the cause of the problem while I search for my bra and find it under the laptop and the ukuleles, yeah, with the important stuff.

After the boys scout around town we decide that we should be able to get parts in Geraldton, the next major town north. We apologise to our neighbour for waking him up. He tells us that they didn’t hear a thing as he’s a shift worker and always wears ear plugs and his wife also wears ear plugs because he snores!

We drive to Geraldton buy the parts and Woody soon has them fitted and we leave the van to dry out at the caravan park while we tour the town.

Repairing the Hot Water Service
Repairing the Hot Water Service

A few days later we continue north to Coronation Beach camp ground and after a fish cook up we turn on the hot water service only to find that it doesn’t work on gas. Whoops, having been in a caravan park and on power, we forgot to test the gas function. Next morning we decamp quickly and dash back to Geraldton. Thankfully the chap at Batavia Coast caravan supplies quickly identifies the problem and has us back on the road within the hour. The position of the (gas) ignition control board in a small box on the floor directly under the hot water service ensures that it will always be swamped whenever a hose blows. Relieved of quite a bit of money and a lot of stress we race back to Coronation Beach quickly passing anything that looks like a camper for fear that we’ll lose our prime spot.

The part that shouldn't get wet
The part that shouldn’t get wet

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