Oh dear, not again

We had hoped to get into El Questro and the staff had informed me that our van would have no trouble at all and that he road in was great. We take the iconic Gibb River Road which is sealed at this end and cruise on down to the turn off. It is a wide gravelled road but within minutes we realise that it is a no go for Priscilla. We shudder our way through five kilometres before we can find a spot wide enough to turn around then shudder back to the bitumen cursing bad roads for the second day in a row. We are later to learn that our mate Daryl completely shredded a tyre on his Mazda on this road a day earlier, thankfully he wasn’t towing.

What we see of the Gibb River Road is magnificent and we spot two brolgas.

Gibb River Road

The El Questro road threw the bathroom door off its tracks (nothing unusual, it does that when we even mention a dirt road) but pot handles and lids unscrewed. Two jars in the fridge lost their screw lids and I found one hiding under the butter! It must have been terrified. Not to mention the wood shavings on the floor as the cabinetry ground away with all the shuddering.

The Aftermath, Wood Shavings

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