Sebastian, Vic

We intend to spend the night at the Sebastian Recreation Reserve so we take the Marong Bypass to avoid Bendigo. It is still raining, steady soaking rain. Gabbi Garmin decides to send us down a shortcut and before we know it we are sliding along on a stretch of very wet clay road, hanging on and hoping that our new four wheel drive does what it is meant to do. By the time we reach Sebastian we look like we’ve been to the outback with red mud from top to tail. Needless to say Gabbi gets told once again.
Sebastian is a tiny town with no shops that we can find but the recreation reserve has a trotting track and a footy field that we are meant to park on. However the footy field is beginning to resemble a lake and thankfully a farmer appears in his ute and directs us to a spot on higher ground. We lock the car and bound into the van out of the rain, switch on the TV and settle into watch a Midsomer Murder mystery… this really camping? Just before sunset the rain stops and we are treated to a golden glow through the spindly gums.
Next morning we are greeted by the trainers working their trotters on the track.

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