Just Another Day On the Road

One of the advantages of travel is writing about one’s own adventures but how does one write a daily blog about life ‘on the road’, when one is ‘on the road’?With great difficulty!

As I sit here penning this draft it is near midnight and my husband is snoring, loudly. We’ve been free camping for four days without mains power. Relying on our solar panels. Perhaps we’ve been a little too relaxed this week but all of our devices are suddenly in need of a charge. That’s two phones, an iPad and a laptop and I’m juggling them.

I prefer to post my blogs from the laptop at present as I’m partaking in the WordPress Blogging 101 course online and I can more easily access both my site and the course site with the laptop. No doubt that problem will be resolved at some stage during the course.
As I’m sitting in the caravan in the middle of a small town park, here is tonight’s routine:

  • Check the power of each device. The laptop is seriously low.
  • Plug the laptop into the inverter (to draw power via the caravan’s 12 volt plug).
  • Quickly access WordPress for today’s course task.
  • Turn off laptop and continue with the charging, even though we had the inverter specified by an electronics expert it appears that we need a larger one (we may as well get a gutsy one that powers the coffee machine as well next time).
  • Write up today’s journal while the laptop charging. Sometimes a story that seems insignificant will become relevant in a few months time. Last year I wrote many small notes about bush flies, they will one day be amalgamated into one blog about hot deal with or get used to bush flies.
  • I breathe a sigh of relief when I see that today’s course task doesn’t require a specific type of story. The laptop is now half charged so it gets fired up again and I post a pre prepared story. I like to keep a few ready to go for times like this. It’s better to let life get in the way of the blog rather than the other way around, else we’d all be worse off.
  • I quickly answer any comments then switch off to conserve power. There’s no time for course discussion with other students or reading of theirs or other followed blogs. I’m missing this side of blogging already after only a few days.
  • I plug the iPad into the inverter and give it some charge.

I can only be thankful that we are in phone range or else all aspects of blogging would be ‘curtains’.

Oh holy hell! Now it’s midnight, banjos are still plucking in the night (we’re at the Girgarre Moosic Muster) and the iPad is back up to 42%.

Tomorrow we do it all again, but that will involve converting images from the RAW (the format that I shot in, not naked) to TIFF and JPG.

Now can somebody tell me why I’m doing this? Oh, that’s right, I really like writing, photography and travel. I sure do.


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