One of my biggest concerns upon retirement was hairdressing. After having spent a lifetime of donating the majority of my salary to my local hairdresser so that I could look decently coifed for business I realised that I needed to reduce the cost. With the help of friends I found a hairdresser who would trim my hair at a much more reasonable price. Another friend offered to teach me how to colour my hair.  The cost of this lesson was a long lunch and a bottle of champagne before we started! While the boys embarked on a second bottle, we girls hit the hair colour. I now know why my friend once turned up with apricot hair, as this first attempt did the same for me. But to be honest it was a liberating experience and I now have no fear of experimenting with colour even when I sometimes look like a speckled bantam hen.

When we hit the road for our first long trip I was hesitant about getting a haircut but soon found that there are some wonderful hair stylists out there, even far away from the cities. That being said I did walk out of a salon in Perth looking rather butch with something that resembled a buzz cut, but hey with many hot months on the road ahead I didn’t have to worry about hair for a very long while.

Hair Colour
Now how many MLs of bleach was that?

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