Awesome Apps for Aussie Travellers


Don’t you love the fly on the phone
 Wiki Camps – if you only ever download one app then make it this one. With over 23,000 sites listed around Australia this has to be the most comprehensive camp site guide there is. Best of all it is constantly being updated by users.
Roadtrip – starting to plan and map out your next trip? This app is simple to use and gives upfront distances between stops, which some competitors seem to think isn’t relevant. There is no limit to the number of stops either, some apps force you to pay for more if you want more stops. Six stops is just about useless is your planning the big lap.
Field Guides – If, like me you want to know if the bird you just saw is a Nankeen Night Heron or a Peregrine Falcon or if the roo you just hit is an eastern grey or a wallaroo then these guides put out by the state museums are just the ticket. I started with Museum Victoria Field Guide to Victorian Fauna. But quickly downloaded NSW, Qld and SA. They even have sound bites of bird and frog calls.
Trip List – Create lists of what to pack and To Do Lists. Oh I just love To Do Lists! I really must have a touch of OCD. This app allows you to create your own Categories and add your own items. If that is far too much work, then run with the pre existing Categories and Items. Seniors beware: There’s little chance that you’ll be needing contraceptive pills, condoms and nappies

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