Homebush Hotel

The Homebush Hotel dates back to 1878 and is situated 30kms north of Balranald on the Ivanhoe Road at Penarie, NSW. Chooks peck about the grounds. Out front there is a cairn commemorating the sealing of the road in 1969. The rather small pub has been extended to include a dining room and a function room at the back. Above the bar there is a pump action shot gun and shearing paraphernalia. This is an area of sheep stations, really big sheep stations. The walls are adorned with photos of sheep and wool and a shearing mural.This pub is a favourite of blokes who shoot feral pigs on weekends away from the city and one visitor of renown in the 1950’s was the late Premier of Victoria Sir Henry Bolte.

The food is good and there is plenty of it although when our large group wandered in the publican was run off his feet cooking as well as pouring beers. Our mate Bill complained that he didn’t get an egg in his hamburger and quick as a flash a fried egg was flipped onto his plate. The publican was probably waiting on the chooks to come up with the goods.

One thing this pub has that others don’t is its very own museum in a small room off the function room. 


2 thoughts on “Homebush Hotel

  1. A contented group of chickens, a happy chicken lays eggs with orange yolks. Are my eyes right, is that old time butter churn standing there? We had one with a plunger that went up and down, You ended up with the real thing! Butter was best.


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