An Open Door Policy

Our friend Mrs Elle Prado cracked us all up when she described how husband Mr El Prado had to shimmy out the van window when their door locked them both in the van at Streaky Bay in South Australia.A year later they roll into our park. 

In her zest to get a lovely sea breeze through the van Elle opens the fly door and suddenly it locks itself. This time it is Elle locked in. We arrive to find the park owner with screwdriver in hand, but to no avail. While they wait for a locksmith to arrive from Townsville, it is Sunday after all, we have a drink around the window while Elle sits on the bed inside bubbles in hand.

We wander off to cook dinner and Elle is finally freed around 7:00pm, El Prado follows a little later. The door has been restored to its previous condition ie it locks but the screen door cannot be separated. No doubt a few soothing glasses of red are now in order.

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