Sorry it’s Monday

Woody drives over to Dingo Beach to pick up the morning paper and is told “There’s not much news on Mondays and Tuesdays so we don’t bother to get the papers.”

As you can imagine Woody doesn’t take to kindly to this and retorts with “Shame if World War Three breaks out.” And storms off.

Life’s pretty relaxed at Dingo Beach

7 thoughts on “Sorry it’s Monday

  1. I used to read the paper every day and watch 24 hr news. Then I stopped for a month altogether and felt so much calmer. Now, we just get the paper on Saturdays for all the review sections etc and I dip in and out of the news on Twitter, just reading what I’m interested in. Wish they would report more positive stories.


  2. After a lifetime of having the paper delivered daily I finally stopped it because I didn’t want to contribute another single cent to one particular journalist’s salary. I felt lost every morning but without having to resort to counselling I’ve overcome my addiction and am now happy in my ignorance. 🙂


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