Stockton Dunes

Stockton Dunes

Stockton dunes are part of the Worimi Conservation Lands. Just north of Newcastle, NSW the beach is 32kms long and the dunes which are up to 30 metres high, stretch inland for up to a kilometre. Further than the eye can see. They are, according to Wikipedia, the largest continually mobile sand dunes in the southern hemisphere. When we visit there is a group of horse trainers exercising their trotters (pacers) on the beach, the men are loud, rough and in contrast to the sea breeze the smell of men and horses assaults the senses. Four wheel drive owners can buy a pass to drive over the dunes and tour buses  take people to the shipwreck of the Sygna 23kms south and to see the historic tin fishing shacks that are still used to this day. Around the car park area there are huge concrete pyramids scattered about, these were used as tank traps during World War Two in the possibility of a Japanese invasion. You can see the date 3-3-42 on the one in the photo.



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