We need a rubber duck

Winter 2016

I’m standing in the shower with warm soapy water sloshing around my ankles and it’s all because of the sullage hose.

For those who are unfamiliar with the operation of sullage hoses here is an explanation. Most caravan parks have an outlet into the drainage system. We attach our grey water sullage hose to our van’s waste water pipes and drop the other end of our sullage hose into the park outlet. Some parks let us run our hose onto their lawns and they move the hose daily. Not surprisingly these parks have the lushest lawns and gardens.

Now back to the duck. This park has a sewer outlet but it is set too high which means that after each shower one of us must race outside and hold the hose up in the air to drain it into the sewer. Such fun and we’ve paid for this privilege too.

Resident Straw Necked Ibis checking our connections

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