Ebor and the Waterfall Way

Continuing our drive along the Waterfall Way:

We drive on to the hamlet of Ebor about another half hour away and a gentle uphill climb most of the way. We can feel that we are on the top of the Great Dividing Range now. The views over the dairy farms are idyllic. Ebor is tiny, just a few houses, a pub, a cafe and an old servo but hidden behind the town the Guy Fawkes River plunges 115 metres in two drops to the canyon below. The falls are mesmerising and the path along the canyon rim is a great bush walk. There are people abseiling off the canyon walls and a friendly little kookaburra lets us photograph him.

5 thoughts on “Ebor and the Waterfall Way

  1. Is the Guy Fawkes River so called because he did indeed come from York, do you know? Eboracum, often shortened to Ebor, was the Roman name for York as you probably know.


    1. I’m still stumped as to why the town is called Ebor but the river was named by a Major Edward Parkes who camped beside it on …you guessed it …Guy Fawkes Day. I could say that it must have been a cracker of a campsite!

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