In this caravan park we are very close. Last night our TV addict neighbours on the left had their TV blaring. The folks on the right had their TV outside obviously as a courtesy to us because as we prepared dinner we were able to watch Home and Away through our kitchen window. It was a perfect night to eat outdoors but with a different channel in each ear it became unbearable. We resorted to the Dolby method and turned ours on as well.

This morning we woke at 6:00am to the sound of laughter, our neighbours watching TV again! We gave up and went for a walk. The sunrise was beautiful.

Sunrise Normanton, Qld
Sunrise Normanton, Qld

After a busy day of sightseeing we returned to listen to The Price is Right on our neighbour’s TV.


13 thoughts on “Tight?

  1. What lovely memories they must have of their travels. “Remember the time we watched Price Is Right in Such-And-Such-A-Place? That was much more wonderful than the time we watched Price Is Right in The Other Place.”

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  2. Sounds a bit irritating to me, the last thing you need when camping or caravanning is a TV surely? Can’t people do without them for even a short while. Seems a little sad. We’re just weird obviously as we ‘talk’ to each other. Not normal.


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